Cargo vans

We have a full fleet of vehicles to meet all your transportation needs.


5.2 m3 van, ideal for transporting small volumes, packages etc. Given that the van is small in size with easy manoeuvrability, getting around town easily is extremely simple. If what you need is to make long distance trips, you will see that its road handling is excellent, in terms of ergonomics and energy consumption.


This is what we might call the traditional van. It is a medium-capacity van with a high roof that provides considerable volume without compromising maneuverability. It is perfect for all types of transportation, long or short haul, with surprising driving comfort for a van.


If what you need is a van with a long load area, this is your vehicle. This van has a load area of more than 4 meters and a volume of about 14 m3 that does not compromise its aerodynamics – thus saving fuel, which is important on long journeys.


Van with a large volume box, 100% usable as it has no wheel arch. It is a perfect van for removals, moving furniture, etc. In the loading area, all the angles are right angles, so there are no dead spaces. Its considerable height (2.15 m) allows for the upright transport of cupboards or refrigerators.